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Rangoli Rfid Safe Wallet for 6 Passports


RANGOLI Product is Designed and Developed with Help of our Most Respected Customer Base Female. Yes This Product is Best Suitable for Female.

TRAVEL WALLET Passport Wallet Crafted with 4 See Through Pocket and 2 Semi Covered Pocket. Product Having 3 Credit Card Slot,3 Membership Slot,6 I.D.Cards,4 Slipin Pocket.

RFID SAFE - No Risk for The Identity Theft For Credit Cards, Licenses, ID Cards, Transit Cards and Passports which Have the RFID Chips. This Product Prevents the Passage of Scans and Digital Readers; Protects your Personal Information from Theft.

ORGANISER Rongoli is Develop to Safe the Small Family Document Which Need not to Carry Every Time but Keep the Importance in Our Life Like Passports, Credit, Debit, Membership and I.D. Cards.

SLIP IN POCKET Passport Holder is crafted with 2 slipin pocket size is 4.25X7 Inch. And 2 slip in pocket for currency size 4.25 X 8 Inch.

Zipper when we Store 6 Passport 6 I.D. Card, 3 credit card, few currency note. Then the value of This Travel Wallet become Countless. We made a attempt to safe all above by excellent Zipper with Long Puller sealed with Rubber colour for long life.

Rangoli Right from the childhood Female life is filled up with brightness and colourful compare to Male section of the society. We design this product 8 month back we kept it in our designing section as we want this product must be made with inspiration from female & must complement the life of young Girl, sister, Mother, Grand Mother. We select main material for this passport wallet extremely colourful & It's in Rangoli design.

Document HolderEvery time we are not travelling it does not mean we don't need Rangoli. since Passports,credit card,I d card, membership card,adhar card and currency are our wealth. Which need the proper storage so we can get it When we need it. It's every day need product for all of us.

Elasticity 6 Passport Pocket is Crafted on the Material Having Flexibility in Nature Like Rubber which Help us to Produce Pocket of the Passport Such a flexible which Enhance the Product Utility for the Customer.