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Sukeshcraft Monthly Desk Pad Calendar Refill Size 11.5" x 17.4"Inch. Jan.2020 to Dec.2020

trpl brown

SIZE of Table Planner Refill for 2020 is 11.5 X 17.40 Inch Which is fit into the planner size of 19X13 inch.
Need not to Buy Base if you already have Table planner Size 19x13.
12 MONTHS – Size 19"x13" Inch. Naturel Paper Calendar runs from Jan 2020 through December 2020
THICK PAPER - Prevents bleed-through with markers. Each pages has MINI CALENDARS for 8 month. 4 month forward 4 month past months for reference.
SPACIOUS LINED BOXES - Each rectangle is 3.6"x6 CM. Monday to Saturday printed in grey ink. Sunday is printed in Mehroon ink.