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Multiple Cheque Book Holder-Pu range


6 to 8 Saving Cheque Book Easily Stored in 2 Pair of Pocket on Each Side.
PRODUCT Having 6 Shopping 3 Visiting 3 Credit Card 4 Ticket Pocket and 2 Secret Debit Card Pocket.
RFID This Product Made to Prevent Identity Theft by Blocking RFID Signals used by Scanner
MONEY BAG 2 inch of Inner Space of Multiple Cheque Book can be Used for Storing 3 Bundle of Notes.
DOODLE Product Having The Doodle Design Engraved on The Product.

SECURE your credit card & personal information and gives yourself peace of mind. We are equipped with process & Material using the latest Process to Protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips in your Passport; Credit Card; I.d., Debit Card, Access Cards from unwanted scanning.
ZIPPER Whole Purpose of the Product is Valid on the Quality of the Zipper We Apply all Efficient Resources & use Long Puller for Easy use. Puller is rounded by Thick Rubber Colour Which Make it Durable.
SOFT:- High Density Spanh use Inside to Make this Product Young & Soft. One can Experience our Words While Holding This Product.

Material:- Heavy Grain Indian Made pu is Used for Main Raw Material & it's Customized as per our Manufacturing Need. Product Stitched with Nylon Thread & on Germany Made Machine to Produce Consistent Quality.
Lifeline:- We consider pen is basic need especially when one is going to bank with Mcb. Prominent pen loop crafted centre part of the product for quick reference.
Efficiency :- consider family of 4 having 6 cheque book;4 pass book & deposit slip. Keep all above In MCB you will eliminate the chance of carrying wrong cheque book or pass book to bank. These kind of unintentional error safe our most expensive thing in this world
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