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Sukeshcraft Multiple Cheque Book Holder with Wrist Loop RFID Safe


WRIST HOLDER 6 to 8 Saving Cheque Book Easily Can be Stored in 2 Pair of Pocket on Each Side. In Both Pair 1 Transparent Curtain Wall Crafted for Partition Of Main Pocket for Efficient Use.With 7.5 Inch .Wrist holder.

FUNCTIONAL Multiple Cheque Book (MCB) Manufactured for 6 Shopping Card Pocket; 3 Visiting Card; 4 Ticket Pocket and 2 Secret Debit Card Pocket Crafted on the Curtain Wall Inside.

TICKET POCKET 4 Ticket Pocket Crafted in the Product 2 Each Side of MCB. Size 3.25X4.25 Inch.

MONEY BAG 2 inch of Inner Space of Multiple Cheque Book (MCB) can be Used for Storing 3 Bundle of Notes if not carrying bank document.

VELVET Rich Velvet Used Inside for the Base Inside. Which Enhance the Value & Life of the Product certainly Customer will acknowledge this Value