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Sukeshcraft Rfid Safe Passport Cover For 1 Passport


SIZE Kapaso Size is 6.75 X 4.5 X 1.25 Inches. Designed for a standard passport. This model is only for carrying 1 Passport and has no Additional Compartments.

RFID BLOCKING - Passport cover with inside RFID blocking shield material helps prevent personal account information disclosure.

HIGH-QUALITY - Case Designed Especially for One Passport Only. Made From Premium High-Quality PU From Italy. Having Heat Varnishing Feature.

Comfort: The cover is pretty sturdy and provides really good protection for the passport. It serves it's purpose perfectly and at the same time the
appearance is also quite nice.

CRAFTMANSHIP This Beautiful Product design & develop in a way it become Hassle-free holder, since no need to pull out the passport during check in and cheak out at the airport. Because front and last page visible when we fit it into the holder.

Expectations -we say it"s the best of quality passport cover which has finishing that can be compared to international standards. The product quality will crossed Customer Expectations. The soft outer cover and the velvet finishing inside gives you the feeling to hold the cover in your hands. If you are looking for a passport cover which can be used for many years, then this is the one you should buy.

Kapaso - Passport cover is a must-have for every passport owner. There is always a possibility to bend passport's pages and damage its cover in a bag full of travel essentials. It fits for men & women, boys & girls, teens & kids. Cute stylish Navy Blue, Handsome Black, Brown, Sky Blue, Bottle Green, Grey,Light Green and cherry. A simple craftsmanship is a great buy for a family.

Design - Crafted With Transparent Material (Inside) So That The Front & Last Page Of Passport Is 100% Visible. Passport will easy fit into it without struggle and when we open & close the product, passport also move inside the Kapso This feature which make this product master craftsmanship.

Safe Number of Countries issuing Chip based passport which digitally readable it's very good feature. To safeguard chip based passport from identity theft we made this product Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) Protected. THIS IS RFID SAFE