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Sukeshcraft. Rfid Safe Wallet For 4 Passports,6 Card,Currency,Boarding Pass


HAND MADE Specifically Designed For Fitting 36-Page Passports; There are Up to 3 Credit Cards 3 Debit Cards Pockets on Each Side Along with 2 Currency Pocket
PREMIUM QUALITY Thermo-active, 100% Polyurethane (Pu) Material from Italy Gives it a Strong Structure and an Attractive Look.

CONVENIENT Attention has been Paid to Even the Smallest Components Like the Secure Zipper Comes with a Big Loop for Convenient Operation

SECURE your credit card & personal information and gives yourself peace of mind. We are equipped with process & Material using the latest Process to Protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips in your Passport; Credit Card; I.d., Debit Card, Access Cards from unwanted scanning.

ELASTICITY 4 Passport Pocket is Crafted on the Material Having Flexibility in Nature Like Rubber which Help us to Produce Pocket of the Passport Such a flexible which Enhance the Product Utility for the Customer.

SIZE Size for Passport Holder 9.2" X5.2"X1 inch. Weight of the Product is 240 Grams. This holder is equally suited for safe keeping of entire family's passports at one place with complete protection from dust and wear & tear.

LEAF PRINTINGThis Passport Cover is Self-Explanatory when Customer open it for use, Name of the Slot is Printed with Leaf Printing. Front of this Passport Wallet 2GeatherEngraved and on the back of the product Pattern Design Engraved.

UTILITYTwo Transparent See-Through passport holder pocket and. 2 Semi cover Passport pocket.3 shopping card and 3 credit card slot pocket along with 2 currency pocket.

Remember, stay 2Gether, stay safe.